Productivity 🚀 and Culture Tools for Distributed Teams

Increase engagement and productivity with apps on Slack, where your team already lives.

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Boost team productivity and engagement

LarkApps keeps your team on track and increases team happiness ❤️, all within Slack.

Build stronger team relationships with fun Q&A. @icebreakers shares teammates' anwers to fun questions.


Share real-time feedback. @lark enables people to share feedback and shoutouts with fun GIFs.


Execute flawlessly with this task manager. @tasker relentless nudges you until your tasks are done.


Learn fun facts about your teammates

@icebreakers selects some people from a channel of your choice, then pings them with fun and informative questions. Answers are then shared.

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Enable low-friction feedback sharing

@lark makes it super-easy to regularly share feedback and shoutouts. Easily run lightweight 360 feedback cycles, or nudge for feedback.

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Manage your tasks 100% within Slack

@tasker enables easy and frictionless management of tasks. Celebrate completed tasks with a GIF, and be nudged until tasks are resolved.

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"Team loves it so far! Interestingly, round one went out to all introverts, and unprompted, one of them pinged me and said she hates in-person icebreakers, but this was really enjoyable!"

Pia Adolphsen
Director of Product at AchieveIt

"Really well done w/ the setup + Q&A wizards and use of buttons. Super simple to use."

Josh Parolin
CTO at Lennd

"Tasker really helped my team keep track of all of our deliverables. My team is remote and we live on Slack so its nice that we can manage our workflow without getting kicked out. Check it out!"

Suhas Ghante
Founder at SVEthos

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