How to Run a Great Performance Review

Welcome to this series by LarkApps on running a great employee feedback cycle! Explicit feedback and a structured review cadence is even more important distributed teams where teammates don't naturally have these conversations.

In this 6-part series, we will walk you through each step of the review process and give you our best-practice tips. We’ll cover:

  1. Intro: Performance Reviews Today
  2. Review Design I: Articulating the Purpose and Picking the Frequency
  3. Review Design II: Determining Assessment Types (i.e. Peer, Self, and Manager) and Questions
  4. Review Implementation I: Preparing for the Review
  5. Review Implementation II: Running a Seamless Review
  6. Review Implementation III: Setting up for Success Post-Review

We hope this series puts you on the right track for running meaningful, high-ROI feedback cycles with your teams!


We’re excited to kick off this series! Let’s start by going over some high-level context in the next post Feedback Cycles and Performance Reviews Today.

If you want to speak to someone on the team about the best way to put all this into practice, please email me at .

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