Improve Team Performance with Succinct Feedback

Facilitate real-time recognition and feedback

Improve your team productivity 💪 with high-impact, low-friction feedback

Empower people to ask for feedback

Make it super-easy for people to ask for and share feedback within Slack.

Celebrate wins and thank each other

Bring your team together in a public Slack channel to celebrate wins and positively affirm each other.

Drive your feedback culture with customized nudges

Do you want to drive your feedback culture in a specific way? We got you, schedule specific nudges that you configure through our web portal.

Help managers do their jobs

Give managers tools to help them succeed, including easy tracking of shared feedback and a central feedback repository that they can refer back to.

Have this feedback at your fingertips for reviews

Feedback is easily surfaced during reviews!  Run fairer, data-driven performance reviews using CareerLark reviews, with this continuous feedback.

Powerful FREE software with upgrades to take you to the next level

Try our free and delightful performance management forever, with opt-in premium features.

All of these great features:

  • Giving feedback & shoutouts
  • Requesting feedback
  • Admin feedback visibility
  • Running reviews
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Per person per month, USD

Everything in Free, and:

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  • Feedback & reviews summaries
  • Feedback analytics
  • Scheduled nudges
  • Nudges analytics
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Everything in Standard, and:

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  • Customizations to the employee UX
  • AI-driven insights
  • Features development
  • Custom integrations

Implement continuous feedback and boost productivity today