Stella Johnson @ LiveLoveTravel

This week’s highlight is Stella Johnson, a Marketing Associate at LiveLoveTravel, a stealth startup in travel tech.

Icebreakers Q&A

Q: If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

A: Labradoodle! I am dog aunt to an adorable Labradoodle named Tigger, and I can’t imagine being anything else but the best dog ever.

Q: What character trait do you value in your coworkers and why?

Answer: Openness to hearing other ideas, opinions and discussing them. Flexibility.

Q: Name one (or more!) hobby and why you like it.

Answer: I ride horses and have competed in both dressage and jumping. 🐎

Q: What are some things that people might misunderstand about you that you should clarify?

A: I’m more quiet when getting used to new situations & systems. As I feel more at ease, don’t worry, I’ll start speaking up much more!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

A: Grey’s Anatomy

A Brief Conversation

Can you tell us a bit more about LiveLoveTravel?

Stella: We're in stealth more so I can't say too much, but at LiveLoveTravel we're redesigning the travel experience by applying AI.

Is LiveLoveTravel a distributed/remote team? If so, what are some things that you do for team building and culture?

Stella: We are a a small startup (<10 people) and completely remote. Given that we are a travel tech startup, we try to “eat our own dogfood” by traveling regularly for in-person meetups. Our current cadence is every 6 months for the whole team, and then every quarter for regions (we are in US and Europe). In addition, Slack apps play a big part — of course Icebreakers has been a really cool way to get to know each other!

What is one of the coolest things about working at LiveLoveTravel?

Stella: Our team has a shared love of travel and new culture discovery. One of our team rituals is to post travel photos with a fun fact about the new location that person is visiting. It’s been so cool to see new places through our teammates’ eyes, as well as having the opportunity to work from wherever in the world!

Final question — tell us more about your horseback riding hobby!

Stella: I generally love animals, and riding a horse is one of my favorites activities. I used to compete in school, but now I like to go horseback riding when I travel to new places. I went for a ride in Ireland last year, and it was a super cool experience!

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