Icebreakers Tutorials

Let us walk you through some common Icebreakers flows.


How-tos and other suggestions to help you get up to speed on Icebreakers. For other commonly asked questions, check out our FAQ page.
How to add @icebreakers to your channel
1. Go to your publishing channel, then click on the people icon on top.

2. On the right sidebar, click on the "More" button, which will bring up the dropdown menu with the "Add apps" option.

3. When you click on "Add apps", you'll see a list of apps currently installed on your workspace. select Icebreakers, or search by typing "Icebreakers". Click on "Add".

4. You should see the confirmation in the chat stream. Voila! You now have added @icebreakers to your channel.

How Icebreakers works
First step is to integrate Icebreakers into your workspace, by clicking. on the "Add to Slack" button from this page. After you install, you will get a welcome DM from @icebreakers, like the below.

Slack installers and Slack admins are granted Admin privileges for Icebreakers. As Icebreakers admins, you'll have access to the full suite of customizations and functionalities whenever you type "help".
Non-admins of Icebreakers will see a help menu like the below, whenever they type "help" to @icebreakers.

Every Monday morning, @icebreakers DMs all members of the publishing channel with a prompt to share weekend highlights or a fun link.

On another day later in the week (usually Thurs or Fri), @icebreakers DMs a randomly selected number of publishing channel members to answer rotating questions.

Any questions that are answered by teammates are posted to the Publishing Channel.

What Admins can do with Icebreakers
Here is the Help Menu, which Icebreakers admins can trigger when they DM @icebreakers "help".

We'll go over the Admin-functionalities here. (So will not be covering the functionalities under "Actions", which are functionalities available to all workspace members).

Help: Questions

Admins can add new Question Sets (rotating questions that publishing channel members can answer), or edit questions under existing Question Sets. Icebreakers automatically generates default questions and new rotating questions as team members go through the ones in queue. Admins have total control to override this and customize questions.
Help: Publishing Channel

Admins can update the publishing channel here. Icebreakers takes members from this channel, and nudges them to answer weekend highlights or rotating questions. When team members answer, Icebreakers publishes the answers to this channel. Admins can select public or private channel for Publishing Channel connection. When Icebreakers is installed, Icebreakers automatically connects to #random as the Publishing Channel, if this is available. If #random has been archived or changed, admins will have to update the Publishing Channel here.

Help: Sendout Time

When Icebreakers is installed, Icebreakers automatically sets a default day and time to send out rotating questions, usually for Thurs or Fri between 10AM-3PM (local time). You can update this to be any weekday and any business hour here. The weekend highlights nudge is set for Mondays 8AM-noon (local time), and cannot be changed by the admin, but can be adjusted by LarkApps if requested.

Help: Number of Receivers

Icebreakers DMs a randomly selected number of team members to answer rotating questions every week. This number is anywhere between 25-75% of the Publishing Channel members. Admins can change this number here.
Help: Sent History

Admins can look up who has received a nudge from Icebreakers to answer rotating questions here.

Help: Pause

Admins can adjust settings here to only send questions (both weekend highlights and nudges) to new employees, or send question

Help: Check Pricing

When you install Icebreakers, you are automatically enterd into a 14-day free trial of the Standard Plan, which enables nudging employees w/ both weekend highlights and rotating questions. Go to this section to check on the number of days that are left on the free trial. Once the 14 days are over, Icebreakers will automatically transition into the Free Plan mode, which enables you to ping new teammates to answer a New Teammate Question Set.

Help: Update Admins

Icebreakers Admins can look up who the current admins are, and add and delete workspace members from this list.

How to edit rotating questions
1. Go to your list of applications on the left side of the page click on @icebreakers, then type "help". From the help menu, click on “Questions”.

2. From the list of Question Sets, select the Question Set that you want to edit. Icebreakers goes down this list of Question Sets (i.e. when one Question Set is done, it will move to the next Question Set.) Click on the "Edit" button.

3. From the list of questions under the selected Question Set, click on the "Edit” button to edit that question.

4. Type in your updated question, then press enter on your keyboard.

5. Click on “Preview & Save" when you are done with editing all questions.

6. Click on “Complete” to save and complete your work.

7. A confirmation message will appear, showing the changes you have made.

Suggestions for Icebreakers questions
Check out for potential questions!